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My Weapon Allocator (by shanapu)

for Retake mod by Splewis


This weapon allocator simulates different kinds of rounds - FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & (DEAGLE).
These rounds will be set through two different modes.

  •  Ascending rounds (mywa_rounds_chance 1) - first x rounds will be PISTOL, then x FORCEBUY rounds after that x FULLBUY rounds.
  •  Random rounds by chance (mywa_rounds_chance 0) - It's a random chance to play FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & DEAGLE rounds in no special order.

DEAGLE rounds are only available on random rounds (mywa_rounds_chance 0) & don't give grenades.
Players can choose their preferred weapons for these rounds through !gun menu.
The plugin will give equipment (grenades, armor & kit) in these rounds based on the configured money, mode & max amount of grenades.

Required plugins

Retakes by splewis


  • MyWeaponAllocator.smx -> addons/sourcemod/plugins/
  • MyWeaponAllocator.phrases.txt -> addons/sourcemod/translations/
  • MyWeaponAllocator.sp -> addons/sourcemod/scripting/ (optional)
  • Config file sourcemod/retakes/MyWeaponAllocator.cfg will be generated after first startup
  • Have Fun! Give feedback!


Hidden Content

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Thanks to shanapu from alliedmodders

Download Link

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

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