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Found 2 results

  1. How to disable Ad Block Plus Extension for a specific site Instructions Firstly navigate to a site, suppose Zepper Plexo Gaming Community If you have installed any extension which block ads on website then its icon will be shown on the navigation bar or near the address bar on the top or you can find extensions in browser settings and disable the extension from there. Anyway, after locating the icon of the extension, navigate to it and click on it. A menu will appear and there will be a switch to enable/disable the extension on the specific site. Refresh the site after disabling and that's it I will post screenshot arranged in order to clear any confusion. SCREENSHOTS First Second Third THAT'S IT
  2. HOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES Follow the following points to download respective files: First go to the respective forum in which files are attached for download purpose. Then, navigate to download link section. Click on the text saying 'Click Here' It will prompt you to a ad-fly page. On top right corner a countdown will start from 5 to 0 followed by skip ad. Click on the skip ad button. (NOTE:- In order to download the file you have to disable the ad-blocker extensions) It will redirect you to the attached file. Click on download file to download the file. That's it I am going to post screenshots in progressing order which may help you understand the instructions better. One request, Please disable the ad-blocker extensions... We are totally dependent on advertisers for income... Help this community by disabling adblocker extensions on our community SCREENSHOTS FIRST SECOND THIRD
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