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Found 2 results

  1. Weapon Skins and Knives (!ws !nametag !knives) UPDATE:- ADDED SNAKE BITE CASE SKINS & OPERATION RIPITIDE SKINS Description This plugin allows you to: use any knife that is available inside CS:GO environment Apply any skin that is available inside CS:GO environment (including new cases' skins) Change the wear/float value of your skins Enable/Disable StatTrak technology on your weapons and knives Add name tags to your weapons and knives (with color options) CVars You can modify the CVars below in cfg/sourcemod/weapons.cfg file sm_weapons_db_connection - Database connection name in databases.cfg to use Default: "storage-local" sm_weapons_table_prefix - Prefix for database table (example: "xyz_") Default: "" sm_weapons_chat_prefix - Prefix for chat messages Default: "[oyunhost.net]" sm_weapons_knife_stattrak_mode - 0: All knives show the same StatTrak counter (total knife kills) 1: Each type of knife shows its own separate StatTrak counter Default: "0" sm_weapons_enable_float - Enable/Disable weapon float options Default: "1" sm_weapons_enable_nametag - Enable/Disable name tag options Default: "1" sm_weapons_enable_stattrak - Enable/Disable StatTrak options Default: "1" sm_weapons_float_increment_size - Increase/Decrease by value for weapon float Default: "0.05" sm_weapons_enable_overwrite - Enable/Disable players overwriting other players' weapons (picked up from the ground) by using !ws command Default: "1" sm_weapons_grace_period - Grace period in terms of seconds counted after round start for allowing the use of !ws command. 0 means no restrictions Default: "0" sm_weapons_inactive_days - Number of days before a player (SteamID) is marked as inactive and his data is deleted. (0 or any negative value to disable deleting) Default: "30" Requirements PTaH 1.1.0+ by komashchenko - Click Here Installation Use this without a GSLT token (LAN server), or use a token service for your servers, or your account will be banned from operating game servers, and a month cooldown from playing the game. Edit csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/core.cfg => Change "FollowCSGOServerGuidelines" "yes" to "no" Install PTaH 1.1.0+ (DOWNLOAD PTaH) Copy the folder structure to your gameserver. (OPTIONAL) If you want to use MySQL instead of SQLite (storage-local), edit addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg file and add the MySQL db connection details under "weapons" title, then change "sm_weapons_db_connection" cvar inside cfg/sourcemod/weapons.cfg file to "weapons" Restart server. Changelog v1.7.5 (26 October 2021) - Snakebite Case skins - Operation Riptide skins - Fixed a bug where choosing "Random" from skins menu for a weapon, sometimes caused player to have a weapon with an incompatible skin on it. v1.7.1 (14 March 2021) - Operation Broken Fang skins - Portuguese (Brazillian) updates by @crashzk v1.7.0 (7 August 2020) - Fixed a problem where players would use a random players knife and skins until their data was retrieved from the database - Fixed a problem where StatTrak wouldn't work after a plugin reload because necessary hooks were skipped - Disabled grace timer on WarmUp rounds - Added 2 natives with which you can get or set a client's knife choice - New Fracture Case skins are added to the configs Thanks to AlliedModders (Kağan Üstüngel kgns) NOTE:- Download Link Click Here
  2. These are the sites from where you can get free csgo skins or some amount of money, if you use my referral code I am providing the whole list of sites which are currently available 1. freeskins.com ([Hidden Content]) Use my code :- freeskinsjean (or directly click at the link [Hidden Content]) 2. csgoroll.com ([Hidden Content]) Use my code :- JEAN (or directly click at the link [Hidden Content]) This site will give you free 3 cases to open to earn credit. 3. gamdom.com (gamdom.com/r/jeanhp) Use my code :- jeanhp (or directly click at the link gamdom.com/r/jeanhp) Provides you free credit. 4. hellcase.com ([Hidden Content]) Use my code:- jeanhp (or directly click at the link [Hidden Content]) From hell case you could get dailly free cases to open after ever 24 hours and get easily earn some free money. 5. roobet.com ([Hidden Content]) Use my code:- jean3000 (or directly click at the link [Hidden Content]) 6. rollbit.com ([Hidden Content]) Use my code:- jean (or directly click at the link [Hidden Content]) you will get 0.50$ for use into the website as many people withdraw crazy knives from this website. 7. CSGOEMPIRE.COM (csgoempire.com) Use my code:- JEANHP (to get 3$ free and a case to open with minimal deposit )
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