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  1. WEAPON RESTRICT FOR CSGO/CSS This is a weapon restrict plugin for CS:S it allows per player restrictions, ability to change the restrict sound and also comes with a warm up system! As of 3.0 it comes with a massive set of natives/forwards to be used by other plugins. CVARS Example Weapon cvars (Will differ for CS:GO) // -1 = unrestricted, 0 = restricted, positive numbers = number allowed for Counter-Terrorists. Weapon:ak47 // - // Default: "-1" sm_restrict_ak47_ct "-1" // -1 = unrestricted, 0 = restricted, positive numbers = number allowed for Terrorists . Weapon:ak47
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  2. My Weapon Allocator (by shanapu) for Retake mod by Splewis Introduction This weapon allocator simulates different kinds of rounds - FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & (DEAGLE). These rounds will be set through two different modes. Ascending rounds (mywa_rounds_chance 1) - first x rounds will be PISTOL, then x FORCEBUY rounds after that x FULLBUY rounds. Random rounds by chance (mywa_rounds_chance 0) - It's a random chance to play FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & DEAGLE rounds in no special order. DEAGLE rounds are only available on random rounds (mywa_rounds_
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