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  1. Custom Chat Colors (HexTags) & Score Tags For CSGO (by hexer10) Description Remake of [CS:GO]Chat Colors (Custom Chat Colors). This will support ALL source GAMES Supports any game that is supported by chat-processor. It's only tested in CS:GO. Features Set Clan-Tag (On the scoreboard) CSGO/CSS Only Set Chat Colors Set Chat Tags with colors Set Name Colors Available colors Rainbow(& Random) colored chat Allows users to select a tag, choosing one from all the tags available to the client. See sm_tagslist command and sm_hex
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  2. My Weapon Allocator (by shanapu) for Retake mod by Splewis Introduction This weapon allocator simulates different kinds of rounds - FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & (DEAGLE). These rounds will be set through two different modes. Ascending rounds (mywa_rounds_chance 1) - first x rounds will be PISTOL, then x FORCEBUY rounds after that x FULLBUY rounds. Random rounds by chance (mywa_rounds_chance 0) - It's a random chance to play FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & DEAGLE rounds in no special order. DEAGLE rounds are only available on random rounds (mywa_rounds_
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