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    Level Ranks Core + Web Panel For CSGO (freak.exe_uLow) Description [Levels Ranks] Core is a statistics plugin that will be a perfect substitute for other statisticians like RankMe, Sod Stats and the like. The essence of it is simple, you perform various game actions and get/loss experience points for it, at accumulation/loss of certain quantity of which, you receive a certain rank. You can also edit the number of ranks. The plugin has 3 types of statistics. Accumulation system : The point is that you start with the lowest rank and you have to accumulate experience points starting with 0. And the more you play, the higher the rank. Rating system (extended) : This type of statistics is analogous to HlstatsX. Its essence is that you get an average rank and 1000 experience points. And depending on how you know how to play and how well, depends on your rank. Rating system (simple) : This type of statistics is analogous to RankMe; the essence of this type of statistics is the same as the type of statistics above (rating extended), but there are no additional bonuses, there is no multiplying coefficient to regulate statistics, and in this type there is another formula for calculating experience points. Supported Games Counter Strike Global Offensive Counter Strike Source Requirements SourceMod 1.10.6422 or above - Click Here Supported database types SQLite MySQL Commands sm_lvl (main menu) sm_lvl - opens the main statistics menu. sm_lvl_reload - reboots all configuration files of the plugin. sm_lvl_reset - drops the statistics from all the players. all - will reset all data. exp - resets the value and rank of the experience points. stats - resets the statistics (kills, deaths, shoots, hits, headshots, assists, round_win, round_lose). sm_lvl_del - resets the statistics from a particular player. Installation Read the complete description "ReadMe.txt" Uninstall the previous version of the plug-in, if available Extract the contents of the archive into folders - addons (plugin and its settings) - FastDL Server (plug-in files for Web Hosting) - Game Server (plug-in files for the server itself) Configure the files: - addons / sourcemod / configs / databases.cfg - addons / sourcemod / configs / levels_ranks / settings.ini - addons / sourcemod / configs / levels_ranks / settings_ranks.ini - addons / sourcemod / configs / levels_ranks / settings_stats.ini Restart the server Level Rank web-panel Click Here (thanks to alliedmods) Download Link Click Here